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National Crime Check

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FBAA has teamed up with National Crime Check and RISQ Group to make getting a police and bankruptcy check quicker and easier.


By ordering this check, you consent for your police and/or bankruptcy check(s) to be sent directly to FBAA for review.


You will also receive an electronic version of your ordered check(s) for your own records.


The Process

  1. Fill in your basic details.  
  2. Complete the initial security verification (by email and/or SMS).
  3. Pay for the police and bankruptcy check
  4. Provide additional information (this includes your place of birth, residential address details for the last 5 years)
  5. Complete the InstantID online proof of identity verification using original ID (must have either a drivers license or passport)
  6. Sign online.

Your details will be kept confidential.

For any support required with your police check/bankruptcy check application please contact National Crime Check -